Expect More From Norman Window Blinds

SmartPrivacy Technology

Norman Faux Wood Blinds and Wood Blinds feature award winning SmartPrivacy Technology. This means that your blinds actually do what they are intended to do- keep the both harsh light and prying eyes out!

There is a reason we have the industry’s top rated blind.


Some Highlights of Norman Faux Wood Window Blinds:

  • Award Winning SmartPrivacy – Provides tighter closure for extra privacy and less light leakage
  • Superior Colorfast Performance—Much more fade resistant than industry standard
  • Moisture Resistant – Fire retardant and lead free
  • Patented Child Lock – Keeps kids and pets safer with reduced risk
  • Insta-Lock – Our mechanism locks blinds precisely at any position effortlessly
  • Advanced Tilting Mechanism – Smoother operation and no more frustrating cords
  • 2.5” Slats – Improve your view! Our wider slats give you more visibility at no extra charge.


Normandy Wood Blinds

Normandy Real Wood Blinds are sustainably grown from our own trees! Made from Phoenix Wood, these distinctive and elegant hardwoods are harvested from trees we grow back in just 7 years!

Just like our Faux Wood Blinds, Real Wood Blinds feature all the same great technology we are know for, like SmartPrivacy, Patented Child Locks, Insta-Lock, Advanced Tilting and more.


Faux Wood Blinds 101

Faux Wood blinds are simply made of composite or PVC/Vinyl material – the same as newer windows and doors. They look just like real wood, and tend to be more durable and stand up better to the elements like humidity and heat. They are also easy to clean as you are much less likely to damage them with cleaning products.