Norman Plantation Shutters

Simply put, Norman Plantation Shutters are designed for life. No other shutter is designed or built with such quality, elegance, and attention to detail. Whether you choose a modern polycore or real, sustainably grown, wood shutters – Norman Plantation Shutters are the Rolls Royce of window treatments, while maintaining a competitive price– and the industry’s #1 lifetime warranty.  

Norman Plantation Shutters are not just any shutters, THEY ARE CUSTOM, HAND-CRAFTED FURNITURE  FOR YOUR WINDOWS

1. Reinforced Engineered Stiles Multiple layers of wood are bonded together. The proprietary process strengths the stile core while providing a lifetime of durability and stability. 2. Prescription Wood Conditioning The wood shutter’s moisture level is customized to its final destination. 3. Mortise and Tenon Joinery Found in heirloom furniture, our mortise and tenon joints will help your shutters withstand decades of shear stress and racking forces 4. Quarter Sewn Louvers Not the cheap flat-sewn louvers, these have a tighter grain. 5. Recessed Magnets Embedded magnets won’t protrude, and won’t cause light leakage. 6. InvisibleTilt Tilt louvers like magic with not tilt rod at all. 7. Superior Finishing Multiple hand sanding and finishing sequences for a richer lustrous finishing. Woodlore polypropylene coating provides extra durability and is easy to clean. 8. Decorative Accessories Decorative accessories to meet every need, from hinges to pulls. 9. FSC Certified Wood Sustainable sourced materials from our forests to your windows.