Norman Honeycomb Cellular Shades

Honeycomb, sometimes called Cellular Shades combine modern technology with contemporary good looks. 

Available in over 300 fabric options, Norman Honeycombs come in sheer to light-filtering, semi-opaque to room darkening. From 12 inches to 12 feet wide, our Honeycomb Shades blend quality with modern good looks and sensibility.

Eco-friendly and energy efficient, Cellular Shades offer styles for and mood.


Some Highlights of Norman Cellular Shades:

  • Keep Warmer In Winter and Cooler in Summer, Honyecomb Shades Really Save Energy
  • Safe For Pets and Kids – No Cords – No Kidding
  • Peek Out the Top – Top Down and Bottom Out, Keep Your Privacy While Having A Look
  • 300 Fabric Options
  • Multiple Lift and Cell Options As Well



Normans innovative Panel Technology is brilliant for French Doors. By Installing a modern, attractive frame, we can eliminate light leakage from all sides, while allowing you to open and close your door with ease.

Able to open from the top or the bottom, there are no dangling cords. DecoFlex’s compact bracket system hids behind the rails for a seamless, leakage proof installation.